5 Common Pizza Myths You’ve Been Led to Believe

Misinformation is abundant on the Internet. And when it comes to pizza, there’s a special amount of folklore out there that’s propagated as the truth.

To help clear things up for you, we’ve compiled some of the most common pizza myths out there and have debunked them. Here are five pizza falsehoods you’ve been led to believe.

Myth 1: Pizza will make you fat

When it comes to nutrition, pizza gets a bad wrap and is constantly labeled a food to steer clear from when you want to avoid weight gain. But this reputation is completely undeserved.

If you eat too much of any food, you’ll pack on a few extra pounds. It’s not exclusive to pizza. Consumption of so-called healthy foods like peanut butter, quinoa, and even fruit will translate into weight gain if you eat to excess. So if you’re really concerned about seeing changes in the scale, keep your pizza consumption to a moderate level. You can even opt for versions of the dish with more vegetables if you want to health-ify it. Just know that an extra slice or two won’t cause you to go up a pant size.

Myth 2: Hawaiian pizza was actually created in Hawaii

With a name like Hawaiian pizza, you would think this pizza style was named after its birthplace — or at least have some sort of tropical origins. But that’s not the case.

The variety was actually born in Canada in 1962, according to a restaurateur who claimed to have invented the pizza variety on a whim with his brother. The purported creator of Hawaiian pizza, Sam Panopoulos, told BBC that he threw the pineapple on a pie “just for the fun of it” and to “see how it was going to taste.” Needless to say, the dish ended up being pretty popular. You can read more about it in this blog post here.

Myth 3: Pizza was invented by the Italians

This is a technicality, but an important one none-the-less. Pizza was invented in Naples, which in the 17th and 18th century was a Greek settlement called Neapolis. Naples wasn’t conquered by Italy until 1861 — and it took another decade for Italian unification to be complete.

Myth 4: You should reheat your pizza in the microwave

If you’ve ever reheated your pizza in the microwave, you probably already knew that this statement was a myth. Probably the worst vehicle to reheat your pizza, the microwave has a tendency to turn your pizza crust soggy and your cheese rubbery. Instead, try warming it up in a skillet for a few minutes to ensure the cheese is extra gooey and the slice is delectably crispy.

Myth 5:  Pizza should only be eaten for dinner and lunch

Pizza is often relegated to the later hours of the day — but it shouldn’t be. Contrary to popular belief, pizza is a perfectly acceptable breakfast. We even talked to one nutritionist who has heralded a slice over other sugary breakfast items. With its balanced mix of carbs, proteins, and fats, pizza holds an edge over some traditional breakfast foods like cereals, keeping you satiated for a longer period of time. You can read more about why pizza is a sound breakfast option here.

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