What Pizza Toppings Go with Bacon?

Bacon makes everything better, including pizza! Sure, you could use bacon as your one and only pizza topping, but why not mix it up with additional toppings that will truly make your bacon bits shine?

We present the best toppings to go with your next bacon pizza:  


The classic Hawaiian pizza calls for pineapple and ham, so you already know that this sweet and porky combo is a winner. Ham has that porky punch in spades, but bacon is arguably a better partner for those pineapple pieces with its signature crunch and smoky flavor.

Black Olives

Bacon Pizza Olives

Are you a salt junkie? Then black olives are your answer.

Thin-sliced black olives may be a bit drab on their own, but they deliver with extra salinity and textural contrast to your bacon pizza.


Bacon and mushroom pizza is magical. Stand back and watch the slices instantly disappear from your table right in front of your eyes! 

Pro tip: Opt for cremini mushrooms, when available. These moderately mature ‘shrooms can add a bit of meaty flavor to your bacon pizza that is still subtle enough to allow your bacon to take center stage.

Pepperoni and Sausage

Bacon Pizza with Pepperoni and Sausage

Sometimes, you want as much meat as humanly possible on your pizza. Triple your pork pleasure with pepperoni and sausage on your bacon pizza for an absolute flavor bomb.


Bring the classic breakfast combo to your pizza! When added to the pizza midway through the cooking process, the egg whites are completely cooked through with a slightly runny yolk, akin to sunny side up. A slice of bacon-and-egg pizza is an absolute mess, but it’s well worth the cleanup.

Sauteed Onions

Bacon Pizza with Onions

Match the crispiness of the bacon with soft strips of caramelized onions for a perfect combo.

Fresh tomatoes

When baked in the pizza oven, tomatoes still retain a decent amount of their water, which means they’ll burst with flavor with every bite. It’s a tremendous choice during peak tomato season in the summer, but hothouse tomatoes will do the trick even in the off months.

More Bacon

Nothing is stopping you from ordering a double serving of bacon on your pizza. Not only will we not judge you – we encourage it. 

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