What Pizza Toppings Go with Pineapple?

Pineapple on pizza is a serious point of contention for some. While it’s true that pineapple on pizza is not for everybody, it’s a fact that those who love it tend to really love it.

Want to find even more reasons to love pineapple pizza? Try combining pineapple with these other pizza toppings for a tasty and tropical meal:

Pineapple and Ham Pizza

Can’t go wrong with the classic Hawaiian pizza. You probably wouldn’t combine pineapple and ham on a sandwich or on a charcuterie board but, for some reason, the combination of sweet and salty works perfectly on a pizza.

Pineapple and Canadian Bacon Pizza

Did you know that the Hawaiian pizza was not invented in Hawaii? In fact, it was the creation of Canadian restaurateur Sam Panopoulos, who decided to put a new spin on the standard toppings he served in Ontario.

Now that you know the origins of pineapple on pizza, why not pay homage to its Canadian roots with thin slices of Canadian bacon? 

Pineapple and Bacon Pizza

Or, if you want more of that crunch you crave, add “regular” bacon to your pineapple pizza. The crisp of the bacon gives a great textural contrast to the softer pineapple pieces, making this a curiously delicious combo. 

Pineapple and Sausage Pizza

Ham and bacon get lots of love when it comes to pineapple pizza, but what about sausage? Chorizo sausage is a great choice for those who want to keep it spicy while a mellow sweet sausage offers a strong complementary flavor, plus aromatic herbs such as fennel and sage. 

Pineapple and Pepperoni Pizza

Two favorites join forces to create one of the most awesome pizzas known to man. 

Pineapple and BBQ Chicken Pizza

Pineapple doesn’t just go great with pork – it’s excellent with chicken, too. Sweet and tangy BBQ sauce goes extremely well with sweet and tangy pineapple.

Pineapple and Jalapeno Pizza

Need a little kick? Spicy jalapeno pieces will bring the heat to your pineapple pizza as well as saltiness thanks to their pickled brine.

Pineapple, Bacon, and Jalapeno Pizza

It takes two toppings to make a pizza go right, but it takes three toppings to make it out of sight.

If you’ve never had a Pineapple, Bacon, and Jalapeno pizza (or, PBJ as it’s sometime known), then you need to change that ASAP.

Pineapple and Black Olive Pizza

Keeping with the veggie theme, salty thin-sliced black olives are an excellent match for sweet pineapple. It’s aesthetically pleasing too, so you’ll be salivating as soon as you open the box. 

Pineapple and Extra Cheese Pizza

Not feeling an additional topping, per se? Nothing wrong with a pineapple and cheese pizza, but why stop there? Upgrade to pineapple and extra cheese and watch the slices disappear.

— Zach Links is an L.A.-based sports journalist who is equally concerned with the outcome of the game and what he’ll be eating at halftime. In addition to serving as a staff writer for The Sauce, he’s also the lead writer and editor of You can follow him on Twitter @ZachLinks and on Instagram @FatZachLinks.

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  1. I love pineapple and Canadian Pizzas but can’t seem to adjust to the tomato sauce in them!~ Due to stomach issues! Can you suggest another type sauce? The Alfredo sauce is o k but I am looking for something else I can use! Thank you so much for any info you can share! !

  2. After all the online arguments about pineapples on pizza, I realized that all my life, I actually haven’t tried Hawaiian pizza at all. The way you described how ham and pineapple wouldn’t really go well together except in pizza made me even more curious. I guess the next step to satisfying myself is to find a restaurant with a reputable rendition of that flavor.

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