Best Pizza Toppings for Vegans

According to recent polling, around three percent of Americans are vegan. Embracing veganism might once have meant giving up your pizza habit, but these days, vegan cheese is often available at local pizzerias. No need to give up your favorite comfort food. And with the right toppings, even a pizza without cheese can be a delicious and satisfying meal. But what are the best toppings for vegan pizzas, cheese or no cheese? Let’s explore. 


Mushrooms are a veggie pizza classic for good reason. There are many different varieties for you to explore with unique flavors. They add texture and subtlety to a pizza. And they’re especially great for a pizza without cheese, where they won’t be overpowered by other ingredients. 


Vegan pizzas need toppings that pack a powerful punch. Jalapenos add potent spice to a pizza, lending it depth of flavor to make it extra savory. Jalapenos pair well with over vegetable toppings, like bell peppers, olives, or onions. Spruce up your veggie pizza. 

Veggie Sausage

Veggie sausage is a great alternative to regular sausage and tastes hearty atop a vegan pizza. It’s particularly great for a pizza without cheese. You’ll get the satisfaction of a regular pizza without any animal products. 


Cauliflower is both a perfect crust alternative and a great topping. Try buffalo cauliflower pizza and prepare to have your mind blown. As a vehicle for sauce, there is no better vegetable, and thus, it’s ideal on top of a pizza. 


Spinach wilts beautifully atop a pizza and adds nutritional value. What more could you want?


Artichoke’s complex flavor and texture makes it a great vegan pizza topping. It has just enough bite to take your vegan pizza game to the next level. 


Looking to add vegan protein to your pizza? Look no further than hummus. With its spreadable texture, it makes a great topping for alternative kinds of pizza. And its Mediterranean flavors harmonize with pizza by their very nature. 


What’s better than broccoli on pizza? When the edges of the florets get a little charred and crispy? Ah. That’s the topping. 


Chickpeas are often a staple in vegan diets, and for good reason. They’re delicious and a rich source of vitamins and proteins. When added to a vegan pizza, they bring a heaviness and heartiness that can balance out the lack of cheese or simply create a more satisfying meal.

— Alyssa Morris

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