The Best Pizza in Tampa

Everyone knows the Tampa Bay area has some of the nicest beaches around, but not everyone knows about their underrated food scene, which includes some of Florida’s finest pizza.

We’re here to fix that. Here’s where you can find, and order, the best pizza in Tampa:

Tampa Pizza Company

Tampa Pizza Co. Tampa

Tampa Pizza Company prides itself on pizza that is good and good for you.  They’ve got just about every diet accounted for here, with vegan, gluten-free, vegetarian, dairy-free, and soy-free offerings that could rival any other “regular” pie in the area. You’d do well to order any one of their house favorites, including the Prosciutto Pizza with creamy goat cheese and a fig jam base. 

Eddie And Sam’s N.Y. Pizza

You know how everyone from New York always says their water is the key to a fantastic pizza? Well, the folks at Eddie & Sam’s agree, which is why they import their H2O from the Empire State to ensure the right mix of minerals in their dough. 

New York New York Pizza

New York New York pizza Tampa

Start spreading the news: there’s quality New York-style pizza in Tampa, for locals and Northeastern snowbirds alike. Here, you can get the Mayor Guiliani, Yankees Favorite, Bada Bing, and any of their other odes to the NY/NJ area in anything ranging from a 12-inch personal sized pie all the way to the 18″ extra large. 


Magdalena's pizza Tampa

Magdalena’s, opened in 2017 by Filipino chefs, offers up one of the most diverse pizzeria menus you’ll find in all of Tampa. They’ve got the usual suspects – Hawaiian pies, pizzas loaded with buffalo chicken, and an especially tasty Meat Lovers’, but they’ve got some killer lumpia, too, so you better save room for that. Oh, ditto for the desserts, because no one wants to miss out on Cannoli Poppers.

ABC Pizza House

It’s only fitting that South Florida has a proper Cuban Pizza, and ABC Pizza House delivers. Topped with pork, salami, ham, pickles, mayo, and mustard, it’s guaranteed to be unlike any other pie you’ve tried. A note for ABC: If you ever decide to test out a Medianoche-inspired version on egg dough, we’re 100% down to help guinea pig it.


Grimaldi’s outposts attract long lines in New York. The Tampa location, predictably, has drawn similar attention. Pro tip: Plan ahead, arrive early, and make sure you’ve got at least one of their quality calzones ordered along with your pies.     

Fabrica Pizza

The Margherita pizza is the move here, but you can’t really go wrong with any of the wood-fired pies at this Neapolitan-influenced “modern eatery” in Tampa. 

Westshore Pizza

Westshore slices their veggies fresh every morning and makes their dough twice daily, to deliver some of Tampa Bay’s best pizzas. Their passion for produce shows in the Vegetarian Pizza (duh), but also in less traditional offerings like the Philly Deluxe, which brings an entire cheesesteak’s worth of goodness to your pizza, complete with peppers, onions, and mushrooms.

Due Amici

Ybor City’s Due Amici is a hotspot in Cigar City for a housemade sauce so good that it’s sold in stores. If you’re feeling more than just a pie, opt for Lora’s Pasta, which is lovingly covered in Due Amici’s spicy Arrabiata. 

Chubby’s Super Subs & Pizza

Chubby's Pizza Tampa

Speaking of cheesesteaks – Chubby’s offers up Philly’s most notorious hoagie in Tampa, plus enough cheese-covered pizzas to satisfy every player on the Eagles and Bucs.

Pizza Famiglia

Pizza Famiglia serves up ultra-cheesy pizzas atop dense crust, a big hit for fans of doughier pies in the Tampa area. Among their more popular pizzas – a Gyro Pizza with ample meat, mushrooms, onions, and a well-paired white sauce.  

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