Eight ways pizzerias are adapting in response to the Coronavirus pandemic

Offices? Schools? Gyms? Salons? Barbers? All closed. 

But pizzerias? Not only are they still open – they’re officially essential businesses and they’re stepping up to the (paper) plate even more to help the local community. 

Here’s a look at some of the ways pizzerias are helping, surviving, and adapting in these unprecedented times:   

1. #CantStopPizza

The pizza community is unique – there aren’t many industries where you’ll find businesses cooperating with competitors, let alone going out of their way to help each other. Mom & pop shops want to see every shop thrive, and that’s the bottom line.

Shops all over the country have galvanized behind #CantStopPizza, a movement to remind customers everywhere that while banks, gyms, salons, and just about everything else has closed, independent pizzerias are still hard at work to feed their loyal customers.

2. Pizza vs. Pandemic

Slice teamed up with non-profit Slice Out Hunger to launch Pizza vs. Pandemic, a nationwide campaign to feed care workers and support local shops all at once. 

Pizza vs. Pandemic has already raised over $185,000 and donated over 3,000 pies to people on the front lines fighting COVID-19. That number is growing by the second. It was even featured on the TODAY Show!

3. DIY pizza kits

What do you do when you’re all cooped up in the house for a week (or more)? Order a pizza and crush some Netflix, of course.

What do you do when you’ve crushed all that there is to crush and you need a breather? Once again, mom & pop pizzerias have the solution. All over the country, pizzerias are rolling out DIY pizza kits – fun for the kids and big kids alike.

We have even more good news – they’re available for delivery on Slice! 

Over 500 Slice pizzerias are doling out the dough + accoutrements, including Tony Boloney’s in Hoboken, NJ, Umberto’s in Fort Lauderdale, FL, and South Brooklyn Boy’s Slice Shop in Hopewell Junction, NY.

Pro tip: You’re gonna get hungry while your pizza bakes in the oven, so order a few apps to hold you over.

4. DIY pizza parties and classes on Instagram

It takes years of practice to nail down the art of pizza making but, fortunately, pizzaiolos are there to lend a helping (figurative) hand to go along with your dough, sauce, and cheese. In addition to step-by-step instructions, some chefs have launched their own DIY pizza classes and parties on Instagram. 

Out in L.A., Lupa Cotta’s Ines Glaser is hosting her own DIY Food Network show every weekend on the ‘gram

5. Loans to pay employees

Shops are still receiving plenty of delivery orders, but most dining rooms across the U.S. have been temporarily shuttered. Unfortunately, that’s forced many restaurants to furlough their front-of-the-house employees.

At Federico’s in Belmar, New Jersey, owners Bryan and Michael Morin took out a $50,000 credit line to ensure that he could pay his employees. It’s a heartwarming reminder that you #CantStopPizza and also a reminder to support your local pizza people by tipping generously.

For a list of financial resources and programs available to shops, check out this list.

6. Grocery delivery

Why do separate orders for groceries and pizza when you can get it all from your local shop? In New Jersey, Nino’s Coal Fired Pizza has milk, eggs, ground beef, paper towels, and even toilet paper available for delivery, all with a quick tap.      

7. Paying it forward

In Florida, Pizza Scene owner Gloria Rodriguez wanted to ensure that local parents would be able to feed their children during this time of economic uncertainty

The Rodriguez family is giving away ten free pies to moms of young children and getting the whole community involved with a pay-it-forward system – at checkout, customers are able to donate pies to their fellow Floridians and leave a note on the bulletin board.

8. Contact-free delivery

To keep customers safe and well-fed, pizzerias adapted quickly to introduce contact-free delivery. To request your contact-free delivery, simply select it at checkout on SliceLife.com or on the Slice App for Android and iOS

Know of other ways that pizzerias are adapting to the coronavirus pandemic? We’d love to hear about it on Instagram or Twitter!

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  1. Thank you for the great post. Thank god, Serafina still delivers home. My wife is crazy for their Italian pizzas. They work hard and put their health at risk for us. I appreciate that. We order at least twice a week. Check their menu and order if you live in New York

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