The Top College Town Pizzerias: Pennsylvania

Don’t just get any slice this semester – go to the go-to spots on your campus.

These are the top college town pizzerias for the biggest schools in Pennsylvania:

Penn State

Gumby's Pizza Penn State
Pokey Stix: You know you want ’em (via @TasteOfTemple)
  • Gumby’s – At Penn State, Gumby’s is a way of life. Students pile, and occasionally stumble, into this shop for wings, pizza, and Pokey Stix. What are Pokey Stix, you ask? Well, it’s a whole mass of pizza dough that is blanketed with mozzarella cheese and drenched in garlic butter sauce. After a turn in the oven, these sticks are blessed with even more garlic butter sauce and Parmesan cheese. Ah, college. 
  • Canyon – No matter what’s going on in your life, Canyon is there for you with $1 slices, seven days a week, from 11am to the wee hours of the morning. ATTN: Penn State frosh – stop looking under the couch cushions for change to buy ramen and start eating at Canyon. 


Santucci's Pizza Philadelphia
The classic square slice from @Santuccis_Pizza
  • Santucci’s Broad St – The first Santucci’s opened up in 1959 with some pushback from the locals. “Square pan pizza with sauce on top of the cheese? Blasphemy!” Today, they’re an institution for Temple students and Philadelphians at large. Not sure what to get? Then order the works, piled high with pepperoni, sausage, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and extra cheese. 
  • Maxi’s – For Temple’s night Owls, Maxi’s is the spot. Come here for your pizza, hoagies, and beer, which will give you the fuel you need to sing Miley Cyrus songs off-key at Maxi’s karaoke.


Mercurio's Pizza
Are those charred spots, or beauty marks? A bit of both. (via Mercurio’s on Facebook)
  • Mercurio’s – Looking for a slightly-elevated date spot? Somewhere nice to take your parents? Or, just want some of the best pizza the area has to offer? Mercurio’s is the move for authentic pizza, gelato, antipasti, and much more.


  • Stacey’s Pizza – Stacey’s does big business in these parts, and for good reason. The white pie, in particular, is a thing of beauty. With fresh garlic, mozz, and parmesan atop a delicious crust, who needs sauce? The pizza here is worth the wait, but you can still cram Stacey’s in between classes by ordering for pickup or delivery on Slice.
  • Zavino’s – One of Philly’s best is conveniently located for Penn and Drexel’s hungry students. Get the gang together for an after-midterms treat of diavolo pizza, mushroom toasts, and meat & cheese boards. Now that’s what we call brain food. 
Drexel Pizza New Style
Pizza, and lots more, at New Style Pizzeria (via @NewStylePizzeria)
  • New Style Pizzeria – You want pizza, but one friend wants a bacon cheeseburger, and that dude that you used to be cool with but kind of hate now is demanding wings. What do you do? You order from New Style, of course, where they nail all of that, and more. 


  • Pietro’s – We could tell you about why Pietro’s is awesome, but it would be quicker to just let you know that they have a pie with tender short rib, caramelized onions, Parmesan, and béchamel truffle sauce. Take the ‘rents here or, better yet, take your friends and use that “emergency” credit card they gave you at the start of the semester.
  • Campus Corner – It’s all in the name. This is a regular haunt for ‘Nova students, beloved for its pizza, colossal hoagies, and chili cheese fries that are guaranteed to send you into a blissful food coma.
  • Pizzarella Grille – The only hard part about ordering from Pizzarella Grille is deciding what you’ll order. Will it be the goat cheese & chicken pie? The chicken parm pizza? The taco pizza with steak and ranch dressing? You know what, you might as well get three pies for the gang, plus garlic knots and an app sample platter. There’s nothing worse than food FOMO.

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  1. Ursinus College in Collegeville was surprisingly loaded with good mom-and-pop pizzerias in the area. It’s not far from Norristown, a historically Italian area.

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