NEW: Respond To Customer Reviews, Raise Your Score

We know how much reviews matter when it comes to trying a new pizzeria. That’s why Slice asks customers to review your shop and their experience after every order. 

Meanwhile, every star rating can have an impact on your bottom line. Whether the review is great or maybe not so great, the power to respond is critical. We’re proud to share that this option is now available to you. 

You can track your feedback, reply, and improve your score in seconds through your Owner’s Portal.

Where Can I See Slice Customer Reviews?

It’s easy. Go to the Customer Feedback tab in your Owner’s Portal. When customers review your shop, you’ll instantly see every star rating and comment.

customer reviews

From there, you can simply tap the Reply button, type your response, and Submit your reply. Then, our 24/7 customer service team will take a quick look before it goes live. 

If you’re able to respond in a timely manner, that’s great! However, it’s even more important to give the right response to your customer reviews, especially when they’re dissatisfied.  

Why Should I Respond to Reviews?

A great response to a review can turn first-time and unhappy customers into lifelong regulars. By the same token, you can lose out on lots of business by leaving them unanswered.  

Whether it’s positive, negative, or somewhere in between, they took the time to provide valuable feedback. Meanwhile, you’ve worked hard to attract and retain your customers. So, it only makes sense to thank and satisfy each and every one of them. 

Still not convinced? Check the stats from Google:

  • When businesses reply to negative reviews, 34% of customers return to delete them. Furthermore, 33% of the time, they’ll actually edit their comment to say something positive.  
  • However, when you don’t respond to a customer review, your churn rate can increase by 15%. Conversely, your reply can boost customer loyalty by 15% or more.     
  • Studies show that 88% of consumers trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations. And, on top of that, 97% say reviews influence their ordering decision.

How to Respond to Customer Reviews

Your replies to customer reviews really add up. Before you read and respond via your Owner’s Portal, check out these helpful tips for winning and bringing customers back.

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