How to Respond to Customer Reviews

Everyone’s a critic, so don’t let a bad review get you fired up. In fact, a negative comment can be an excellent opportunity to show that your shop listens to feedback and cares about customers. In a best case scenario, you’ll win that person back. Even if you don’t, you can shake that hater off and score new fans when they scope your score. That’s why Slice gives you the power to respond to customer reviews. 

Meanwhile, it’s equally important to thank customers for their positive feedback. So, before you reply via your Owner’s Portal, you’ll want to check out these expert tips. 

How to Respond to Negative Reviews

Meet Bobby M. He’s a brand new customer who ordered a large pie with anchovies. But, on a busy night, the BOH forgot the fish.

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Now, you’re both frustrated, because you saw your star rating dip midway through a crazy shift. Do you:

  1. Bark back at Bobby and give him a piece of your mind? Or,
  2. Take a deep breath and give a thoughtful response to rectify the situation?

You already know the right answer: Be friendly, acknowledge the error, and promise that you’ll do better when they order again:

“Hi Bobby! This was definitely our mistake and we have refunded the charge. We will do better next time!”

Great job! Here are a few more helpful tips for handling negative customer reviews: 

  • Say “Thank you!”: Mind your manners, because it’ll immediately calm the customer down.
  • No excuses: Were you short on sleep or staff? Understandable, but no need to get into the nitty gritty here. Just let the customer know you’re sorry and that it won’t happen again.    
  • Identify the issue: In the example above, Bobby stated the problem. But, the customer isn’t always right — or thorough — in their feedback. Figure out exactly what went wrong. Then, make it right.
  • Send a Slice promo code:  Want to win ‘em back? Go to Discounts in your Owner’s Portal to create and send a custom one-time code. 

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How to Respond to Neutral Reviews

They loved your pasta, but the pizza was “just okay.” When you respond, the same principles apply. 

Just be sure to start with the positive part (i.e. “We’re so glad you loved our linguini!”).  Then, address the criticism (“Sorry our pizza wasn’t up to par.”) before offering your solution.   

How to Respond to Positive Reviews

When people compliment your food in person, you always say thanks. So, why wouldn’t you do the same thing online?

Review Respond Slice

Farrell gets it. Now, it’s your turn to take a bow — thank the customer and encourage him to order again.  

Respond To Customer Reviews, Raise Your Score

Ready to drive even more loyalty on Slice? It’s time to read and respond to Customer Feedback in your Owner’s Portal.   

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