Make a Mother’s Day with the Pizza Bouquet

Just in time for Mother’s Day, Slice proudly presents the Pizza Bouquet! Now available at select shops until Sunday, May 9th, it’s almost too beautiful to eat. 

So, What’s a Pizza Bouquet?

Without a doubt, it’s the perfect gift for every Mom in your life. Sure, you could get her roses or tulips, but they’re not very delicious. Chocolates are sweet, but you’ll need something savory to go along with it. After all, moms have very sophisticated palates. Also, for some reason, grown-ups get fussy about eating dessert for every meal.

Since it’s such a special day, every shop is putting their own unique flourish on the Pizza Bouquet. For example, check out this stunning arrangement from Pennsylvania’s Pizza Town. Not only is it built on their always-tasty pie. It’s also adorned with pepperoni roses (pepperroses?), parsley accents, and a beautiful bow to tie it all together. 

Want to customize your Pizza Bouquet in order to get the toppings Mom knows best? Of course, all you have to do is ask!       

How Can I Order a Pizza Bouquet?

As a matter of fact, the Pizza Bouquet is only available on Slice. Want to order a Pizza Bouquet for either pickup and delivery? All you need is the Slice app, available for iOS as well as Android. Or, if you’d rather order on desktop, visit for participating shops near you.  

Give The Gift of Deliciousness 

So, ready to make the perfect pick for Mother’s Day? Once you open the Slice app, you’ll find the Pizza Bouquet at tasty shops such as:









New Hampshire

New Jersey

New York




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