iPad POS Systems, Explained

Introduction and Summary 

Point Of Sale (POS) systems have unquestionably come a long way. Now that remote flexibility is a must, most small business owners opt for iPad POS systems. That is to say, bulky terminals are a thing of the past.     

Then again, you’ll need more than just a touchscreen tablet. To be sure you choose the best POS system without expensive add-ons, we’ll explore: 

What Are POS Systems?

A POS system is the place where your customer pays for their product or service. But, that’s really just one aspect.  With a POS system, you can control, customize, and track every aspect of your business.  

What is mPOS?

In time, POS terminals were bested by mPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale) systems. In essence, an mPOS enables you to perform any task, no matter where you are.

What Are iPad POS Systems?

The iPad POS systems on the market are a type of mPOS. They’re usually the best option for small and medium sized businesses. An iPad POS maximizes your flexibility. Plus, it makes every task about ten times easier, provided that you choose the right mPOS for your needs.   

To clarify, they’re so much more than just an iPad cash register. Here are some of the most important features they can offer: 


When you get a centralized POS system, you’ll wonder why you waited so long in the first place. From cash to credit to mobile payments, the right iPad POS system will process everything with ease. That goes for in-person sales as well as online orders.  Furthermore, it’ll keep sensitive data secure. That way, hackers can’t steal info (i.e. credit card numbers and addresses) from your customers.    

Inventory Management

It’s hard to keep track of every ingredient during dinner rush. Instead, your iPad POS system will track every veggie and topping, down to the slice. 

Easy Updates

Want to change something on the menu? From time to time, you’ll want to adjust your top sellers to promote your most profitable items. When you have an iPad POS, you can modify anything for dine-in and digital in less than a minute. You can also add a new bundle for pizza, soda, and wings in a snap.  

Customer Engagement

Want to increase loyalty? Previously, restaurant owners had to give generic coupons to every customer. By comparison, an advanced iPad POS system can both personalize and automate CRM (Customer Relationship Management). For example, your POS can instantly send a 10% off coupon to a first-time online ordering customer. Meanwhile, without a POS, you’d have no way of spotting that fresh face.

Employee Oversight

Employee fraud costs businesses 5% of their yearly revenue, according to the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners. The tracking ability of your iPad POS system — together with its high-level security — can prevent that from happening. Furthermore, your workers will log in and out of the system before and after each shift. That’ll allow you to increase and decrease hours as needed, saving you serious dollars in the long run.  

How Do iPad POS Systems Work?

At first glance, an iPad POS system might not seem capable of much. After all, it’s just a compact, lightweight tablet. However, iPad POS systems are cloud-based, providing you with secure access to your hub anywhere, anytime.   

Unlike legacy systems (bulky terminals), an iPad POS system is compact by design. Whether customers call, walk in, or place their order online, everything will flow through the same software. For in-store sales, you’ll have a credit card scanner — the best POS systems will include a chip reader for complete verification.

In addition, your iPad POS system should also include a stand, receipt printer, and a cash drawer. Surprisingly, many POS vendors charge extra for these must-have pieces of equipment. Before you make your investment, make sure you know the full cost of everything.  

Which iPad POS System is the Best?   

When it comes to pizza, there’s only one iPad POS system made specifically for local shops. Slice Register offers the simplicity, easy integration, and small business-friendly rates that your restaurant needs to thrive.

Slice Register gives you:

The Best Pricing

You wouldn’t pay extra to have a bed in your hotel room. So, why should you shell out more money for POS necessities?  Slice Register comes with every device you need, plus zero set-up or equipment costs. Furthermore, you won’t pay monthly fees. Instead, you’ll have the best per-transaction pricing in the restaurant industry.

Outstanding Customer Service

Most POS vendors cater to retail stores. Their tech support is 9-5 at best and barely existent at worst. With Slice Register, you can talk to a real live expert anytime, 24/7.

Pizzeria-Specific Marketing

Greedy apps like Uber Eats are designed to send customers to McDonald’s. Meanwhile, Slice knows pizza inside and out. Our automated marketing tools send personalized reminders to keep customers coming back to your shop.

Everything You Need, In One iPad POS

From the front of the restaurant to the back of the kitchen, Slice Register is the iPad POS system pizzeria owners have been waiting for. 

Ready to transform your shop into a pizza powerhouse? Let’s get started.

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