Five steps for holding a socially distanced pizza party

With most of the country (and world) now on lockdown, you’ve probably already taken part in your fair share of online trivia games, happy hours, and karaoke sessions. These are all activities that have translated surprisingly well to being virtual.

Pizza is arguably the most social food around — there’s nothing quite like you and your friends grabbing a hot slice from a freshly delivered pizza box. Because of that, it may feel like pizza parties are on hold for the time being but we say “no!” That’s right, pizza parties can absolutely still happen, virtually, while we all stay socially distant. Here’s how:

1. Order pizza (obviously)

Local pizzerias across the country are still open for pickup and delivery. Even better, many of them are now offering free delivery and new deals specially created for the situation we’re all in right now. Find your nearest participating shop on, or the Slice app for iOS and Android

Remember: keep everyone safe by selecting contact-free delivery, and show your appreciation by tipping well. 

2. Hop on a Zoom call with your friends

As previously mentioned, Zoom has emerged as the de facto app for virtual happy hours, trivia, and workout classes. That means it’s a great choice for your virtual pizza party too! 

3. Change your Zoom background to a pizzeria (or pizza!)

While they’re still open for pickup and delivery, there’s still a lot to be said for being inside your local pizzeria. The smell from the ovens, the noise from the bustling kitchen, the red checkered tablecloths, the greasy napkins and paper plates, the music. It all comes together to create a perfect sensory experience. 

We cannot wait to experience it again but, to help fill the gap in the meantime, we’ve created some pizzeria Zoom backgrounds for you to use. To use ’em, just click on your chosen pizzeria, hit “view full size” in the new tab/window that pops up, and save the file!

If you feel like being extra cheesy (sorry not sorry), you can go all out and change it to actual pizza

4. Throw on a movie or play a game

Want to watch a movie or show with your friends? You could all just press play at the same time, sure, but a Chrome extension called Netflix Party has emerged as a way for you and your friends to Netflix and cheese together. 

Want to play a game instead? The app House Party is a good way to play some trivia, Heads Up!, and Pictionary together. Don’t want to play those games? Don’t worry — games like Cards Against Humanity, Clue, and UNO can all be played online with your friends.

5. Tell us about your pizza party!

Holding a socially-distanced pizza party? We want to hear about it! Tag @Slice in your Instagram stories or posts, or send us a tweet.

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