Great Feats of Pizza: The Cheeserweight

Presenting our next feat – a positively ginormous pie from NYC’s Champion Pizza. This pizza measures in with the square footage of a Manhattan studio and the weight of the Giants’ offensive line. Pepperoni. Mac & cheese. A cornicione of garlic knots. It confounds, astounds, and miraculously supports NYC’s homeless, all at once. 

Read on, if you dare to face this benevolent beast.  

Hakki Akdeniz was homeless. Today, he owns and operates seven Champion Pizza outposts across three boroughs. He sells some of the world’s most inventive slices and doles them out to those who cannot afford them.

The pie we present to you today unlike any other and topped with mountains of mac & cheese. It is, unquestionably, a colossus of carbs. Obviously, a pie this gargantuan could only be contained and bordered by braids of delicious garlic knots.

Oh, and it doesn’t just feed 20, 30, or 40 mouths. It feeds an infinite number of people as proceeds from its sale are donated to the downtrodden.

There’s nothing Akdeniz can’t do, except decide on what to call his famous colossal pizza.

“Can I be rather honest with you?,” Akdeniz asked Slice. “At this time, I don’t have a name for it! Please, come up with a name and let me know.”

Not an easy assignment. Surely, Akdeniz has accomplished the Greatest Feat of Pizza in world history! This is, basically, a pizza in a weight class of its own.

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rumble with The Cheeserweight?

Measuring in at 85 x 49 feet and tipping the scales at roughly 200 pounds, The Cheeserweight shows mercy to no one, except for the downtrodden. For $1,000, you can go toe-to-toe with this cheese n’ mac attack and aid PCNYInTheStreets in their remarkable efforts to help the homeless.

That’s a bargain, given the work it takes to prepare this bread-bound titan for battle. After mixing boulders of dough, Champion Pizza’s expert trainers stretch it out to the size of Deontay Wilder’s limo. Then, it takes at least four people to hoist The Cheeserweight into, and out of, the squared oven.  

The Cheeserweight is more than just a novelty – this is a real contender for one of New York’s tastiest slices, daring you to step inside its garlicky ropes to find melty mac n’ cheese and luscious pepperoni. Even when purchased by-the-slice, this true triple threat still holds serious knockout power.

Take on The Cheeserweight, or tune-up for it with other fantastic pies, at New York City’s Champion pizza.

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