What Are The Toppings on Gummi Pizza?

For many Trick or Treaters, Gummi Pizza is a top-tier get. It’s a monster mashup of pizza + candy, bringing the world’s two greatest food groups together in one delicious package.

Yet, every Halloween, this beloved gummy leaves people with a lot to chew on. As costumed consumers lie awake at night and unable to sleep with pure sugar coursing through their veins, they wonder:  What are the toppings on the Gummi Pizza?

A while back, Serious Eats’ David Kover attempted to solve the mystery:

“The mushrooms and green pepper are pretty clear, and it only took me a moment to realize that the white, molar-y looking things are actually whole cloves of garlic. I spent longer puzzling over the bean-shaped clump of purple before deciding that it’s an eggplant, though I’m not confident about that. And I simply have no idea about the glob of red that’s sinking into the sauce.”

Still unsatisfied and unsatiated, we reached out to efrutti, the makers of Gummi Pizza, for comment. 

“The Gummi Pizza’s toppings are as follows: The purple shape is an olive. The gray shapes are button mushrooms. The green shapes are slices of green pepper. The white shapes are onions,” said Dave Jupp, efrutti’s Director of Marketing and Communications.

Gummy Pizza efrutti

There you have it. With the toppings quandary solved just in time for Halloween, you can now appreciate these gummy pizzas for what they are: a monster mashup in the same pantheon as ramen on pizza, mac n’ cheese on pizza, and The Jeffersons meeting The Fresh Prince of Bel Air

You’re welcome, America.

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