How to Increase Restaurant Sales with a POS System

Introduction and Summary 

What does POS (Point Of Sale) really mean for your restaurant? It’s so much more than a cash register with a touchscreen. Your POS system can increase restaurant sales straightaway with features that will take your business to new heights.

To be sure you get the most out of your investment, we’ll start with the fundamentals. Then, we’ll show you how to take full advantage of your POS to increase restaurant sales.        

What Does POS Mean?

POS is short for Point Of Sale. But, to clarify, it’s not just the physical place where customers swipe their credit card. These advanced systems are used to increase restaurant sales while keeping overhead to a minimum.  As a matter of fact, your POS system will become the lifeblood of your business. That goes for both your brick-and-mortar restaurant and your digital storefront.

In recent years, restaurant POS systems have become as essential as refrigerators. Why? Because they allow owners to keep track of everything from ordering habits to what’s left in the bottom left crisper. 

What does mPOS Mean?

Almost all small business owners prefer mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) systems to antiquated POS machines. Rather than having everything stored on a computer in the back, mPOS systems use secure cloud-based hosting. In turn, owners and managers are able to conduct business wirelessly, even if they’re on the other side of town.     

Ways to Increase Restaurant Sales with a POS System

At this point, you know that a good POS system is a must-have.  If you’re ready to increase your restaurant’s sales and tackle your biggest pain points, you oughta know how to get the most out of your POS.     

Speed Up the Kitchen

Short-order cooks have tempers to match their titles. It’s understandable — when tickets stack up fast, kitchens can be thrown into a tizzy. In contrast, things are a whole lot smoother when items are displayed and automatically organized on an iPad. In the long run, that means happier employees. And, of course, that means faster prep which translates to quicker service for your customers. 

Drive More Dine-In and Pickup Sales

Not to mention, your restaurant POS also picks up the pace for the front of the house. Let’s say you’ve got a long line of customers at your pizzeria and you’re using an old machine to slowly print receipts. In effect, you’re losing money by the minute. In this situation, customers towards the back of the line will walk out and go to the deli down the street. Meanwhile, the ones who stay will get frustrated and might not return, even if your pepperoni slice is spectacular.

Instead of signing individual pieces of paper, customers can tap, pay, tip, and eat in seconds with an mPOS

Increase Restaurant Sales with Marketing Tools 

You work non-stop. But, sooner or later, you’ll run out of hours in the day. Between trips to Restaurant Depot, helping out in the kitchen, serving patrons, and dealing with a thousand other tasks, there’s not much left for customer interaction.

Without a doubt, you’re missing out on opportunities to grow your base. Fortunately, the right POS system can enable you to reach any customer in a snap. For example, let’s say that a brand new customer orders ten large pies for a pizza party. That’s a person who you want to keep coming back for more. With a high-end mPOS, you can instantly send them a custom promo code for 10% off of their next order. By comparison, you’d be limited to giving them a physical coupon in the napkin bag. That’ll undoubtedly get discarded, along with the extra parmesan.    

Win New Customers

In addition to more reorders, your POS tablet can allow you to reach an entirely new audience. When Valentine’s Day is coming up, you’ll want to push your loveliest items and deals. Now that you’ve got your online menu at your fingertips, you can promote your heart-shaped dishes and even create a special bundle to attract all the lovebirds.  

What’s The Best POS for the Restaurant Industry?

Although there are tons of POS vendors out there, Slice Register is the clear winner for pizzerias. It’s the first and only point of sale system developed specifically for shops, giving them the tools and insights they need to beat the big chains.

Increase Restaurant Sales and Cut Costs with Slice Register   

At this point, there’s no reason to settle for generic POS terminals. Slice Register enables local pizzerias to achieve unprecedented growth with unbeatable small business-friendly pricing. 

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