Pizza POS Systems: Do They Deliver For Owners?

Introduction and Summary 

These days, it seems like there’s a POS (Point Of Sale) system built for every type of industry. Vendors are especially focused on marketing to restaurants, but the needs of a slice shop are different from, say, an upscale seafood restaurant.  If you’re a shop owner, you don’t just want any type of software. You need a POS for pizza.

So, what should you look for in a pizza POS system? Here’s what you need to know before you make your investment:

  • Pizza POS: How Does it Work?
  • How Do POS Systems Help Pizzerias?
  • Slice Register: The Only POS For Pizza

Pizza POS: How Does it Work?

POS systems are used to ring up purchases, intake online orders, compile key customer data, manage inventory, and much more. In other words, they are essential for restaurants, because they connect every facet of your operation. 

How Do POS Systems Help Pizzerias?

Simply put, if you serve pizza, POS is a must-have because:

1. Pizza POS Handles Food Delivery, Pickup, and Dine-In

Online orders need to be fulfilled just as soon as they come in. And, since they pile up fast, your pizza POS better be up to the task. Meanwhile, you’ve got hungry customers waiting at two-tops, four-tops, and the countertop. 

When you’ve got orders coming in through all these different channels, it’s impossible to keep track. That’s when things get messy and customers get mad. For this reason alone, a good POS can pay for itself ten-fold. 

2. You’ll Cut Down on Costs

A wise man once said, “The rent is too damn high.” Imagine if he owned a pizzeria and had to deal with the rising costs of food and hourly employees. We’d have enough quotes to fill up an entire book. 

As shown above, the Friday night dinner shift can be a fiasco. Fortunately, your pizza POS can eliminate data entry and excess payroll. For example, instead of having seven sets of hands on deck, you can get by with a smaller staff of five. 

Also, the automatic processing of orders means that you won’t run the risk of human error. When someone orders a gluten-free pie, that’s exactly what they’ll get. And, as a result, you’ll be more likely to become their go-to shop.

3. Pizzerias with POS Take All Payments

A shop with nothing but a till and a mag-stripe credit card machine? What year is this?

EMV credit cards — also known as smart cards — have become the universal standard. They offer far better security than old-fashioned cards, but they also cause snags when run through outdated readers. At this point, the global circulation of EMV cards has reached over 9 billion. So, needless to say, you need to keep up with the times.

Furthermore, the mobile wallet industry is set to reach $2.4 trillion this year. That’s a 24% increase from last year, which means roughly the same jump in contact-free payment for merchants like you. All things considered, you can go one of two ways: buy dozens of devices or pay a fraction of the cost for an all-in-one solution.  

4. Pizza POS Makes Marketing Easy

Relationships are everything in the independent pizza industry. Even if your customers never meet you in person, they want to feel connected to your business. While you might have the best pizza in town, customers won’t turn into regulars unless they’re consistently engaged.

Of course, there’s only one of you. That’s where your pizzeria’s POS comes into play. With the right POS, you can have automated — yet personalized — reminders sent on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Meanwhile, your POS can also isolate and organize different consumer types, enabling you to send specific promo codes based on each person’s ordering habits.        

5. You Can Work From Anywhere 

With an mPOS (Mobile Point of Sale) system, you can manage your restaurant from anywhere. Meanwhile, that flexibility also extends to your team. When waiters take dine-in orders, they can grab the iPad off of the swivel stand and input it directly. Catering a party or community event? Yup, you guessed it: Your mPOS can come along for the ride to track every order and gather new leads for even more catering opportunities.        

Slice Register: The Only POS For Pizza

Looking for a pizza POS? Or, better yet, a pizza mPOS? Look no further. Slice Register was made exclusively by pizza people, for pizza people, to digitally transform your shop. 

Unlike other POS vendors, Slice Register puts all your orders and insights in one place. With small-business friendly pricing and 24/7 customer service to boot, it’s the only POS system to give you everything you need — without the unnecessary and expensive add-ons.

Streamline your business and simplify your life. Visit today.      

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