How to Choose the Right mPOS System

Introduction and Summary 

The pizza business takes more than just dough, sauce, and cheese. The right POS (Point Of Sale) system can streamline everything else for your small business, so you can focus on doing what you love. Still, finding the best POS or mPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale) system isn’t easy.

Let’s break it all down, because no one wants to spend hours reading about point of sale software: 

What is The Difference Between POS and mPOS?

POS means “point of sale.” That basically covers everything from your restaurant’s cash register to Target’s checkout lane. In other words, you can’t just choose any POS system and expect it to work for your restaurant. 

Most POS terminals are stationary. Meanwhile, mobile point of sale systems are made for easy, on-the-go convenience. 

Let’s say that you want to update something (i.e. Adding a special March Madness deal to your menu) on your night off. You’ll have to drive back to your restaurant to do that if you have a traditional POS system. But, with an mPOS, you can put that bundle on your menu in minutes — from the comfort of your couch.  

How Do I Choose The Right mPOS For My Restaurant?

Shopping for a restaurant POS system is analogous to eating at a diner. You’ve got millions of options to choose from. They all sound great, until you take a closer look. In reality, most POS and mPOS systems aren’t made for the food service industry.  

Here are the most important things to look for:        

  • Ease of use: As much as the right mPOS system can improve your business, the wrong one can cost you time and money. Your restaurant POS should be simple to set up and easy to operate every day afterwards. 
  • Low fees: Every POS system claims to be cost effective. Truthfully, a lot of them come with hidden charges in the fine print. In fact, some POS systems will set you back $20,000+ from the get-go. That’s no big deal for a commercial bank, but your small business needs a fairly priced POS or mPOS.        
  • Security:  Will your mobile point of sale system keep your customer’s data safe? Recently, cybersecurity researchers found that “millions of devices” worldwide may be prone to hacks. Instead, pick an mPOS that will totally encrypt sensitive info like credit card numbers and home addresses.             
  • Scalability: Your needs will grow along with your business. Thinking about opening up another location in the near future? You’ll want a POS system that is easy to scale. Otherwise, you might have to spend thousands of dollars for additional devices. For that reason, you’ll probably want to choose an mPOS system over an old-fashioned POS. Moreover, you should pick an mPOS that won’t cost you an arm and a leg during your growth period. 
  • 24/7 tech support: Most POS companies hire outside firms to handle tech support. Even if you’re able to get a real person on the phone, you could be left waiting for hours. Instead, you should partner with an mPOS service that will help you troubleshoot issues and answer questions as soon as they arise.  

Is Slice Register The Best mPOS System?

There’s never been a mobile point of sale system made just for independent pizzerias — until now. Slice Register is the first mPOS to put local shops on a par with Pizza Hut when it comes to payment processing, customer management, and more. 

Shop owners across the U.S. trust Slice Register to make life easier as they drive more sales than ever before. Here’s why:

Trusted Technology

While Slice Register debuted in 2021, it’s actually built on the country’s most advanced software for restaurants. Slice acquired InStore to tailor their industry-leading solutions to your slice shop. In turn, they created the best mobile POS possible for shops everywhere.  

Instant Integration

Generally, mPOS systems are not designed to work with leading online ordering partners. On the other hand, this mPOS was specifically made to be compatible with Slice. As soon as you sign up, your mPOS will be ready to take orders from the Slice app and, plus Google, social media, and your own custom website.       

Key Business Insights

Overall sales numbers only give you a sliver of the story. That’s why Slice Register gives you actionable data to improve your service and drive average order volume. Want to quickly spot your most popular items and sell more of your most profitable dishes? Slice Register is the mPOS for you.

Choose The Right mPOS. Choose Slice Register.

Let’s get started! Visit today.

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