What is mPOS?

Introduction and Summary 

An mPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale) system basically allows you to process credit card, cash, and digital payments on any wireless device. They’re certainly the preferred type of POS system for restaurants nowadays. The right mPOS system usually makes a busy entrepreneur’s life easier.  However, choosing the right POS or mPOS system can be difficult. Here’s what you need to know before picking the best POS for small business.     

In this article, we’ll explore:

  • What is an mPOS System?
  • How Do I Choose an mPOS System?
  • What Is Slice Register

What is mPOS?

An mPOS wirelessly performs the functions of a traditional POS terminal. Shop owners used to have to be at the counter in order to manage dine-in and call-in orders. Even certain online food orders would require being on premise. Fortunately, mPOS systems have changed the way restaurants do business.    

  • Traditional POS (Point Of Sale) systems are analogous to old-school desktop computers. They’re big, bulky, and confined to one place. Meanwhile, an mPOS system lives on a tablet, iPad, or smartphone. In contrast to older POS terminals, mPOS systems are ready to work anywhere, anytime, 24/7 — just like their owners. After all, that’s the point of sales.
  • In fact, an mPOS system can replace your cash register and credit card machine. It can also replace giant stacks of receipts and tickets that are easily lost or discarded.  
  • Undoubtedly, the ideal mPOS will give you total control over your operation. That includes promo codes, personalized messaging, and all forms of CRM (Customer Relationship Management) at your fingertips. 

How Do I Choose an mPOS System?

Obviously, there are lots of mPOS systems available. Most mPOS or POS systems are designed for retailers, like department or grocery stores. As a result, most mPOS systems are not suitable for restaurants. Consider the following before you make your investment:

Is This mPOS For Restaurants?

It’s usually pretty easy to tell whether a POS or mPOS system is good for restaurants. Take a look at the website for the MICROS POS. To list every need possible, MICROS claims to be made for “hotels, resorts, casinos, stadiums, arenas, cruise ships, transportation hubs, and retail stores,” plus restaurants. But, truthfully, no POS system can be perfect for every industry.

What mPOS Will Integrate with Online Ordering?      

Let’s put it another way: What is mPOS good for if it won’t sync with your preferred online ordering partner?   

You should be all square with your mPOS. Otherwise, checks might not show up on your screen. Or, to that end, you could have missing items. You could also have orders go missing entirely. Make sure your mobile point of sale system can easily integrate with your online ordering partner in the first place. 

Will Your mPOS or POS Work On an iPad?

Touchscreen tablets aren’t always so simple. For example, if you’re comfortable using an iPad, your mPOS should be able to run on an iPad. It’s that simple.

What is mPOS going to cost?       

This is the most important question. All in all, mobile point of sale pricing structures can vary. Some companies can charge $20,000 or more up front between installation fees and onboarding costs. Conversely, other POS companies may tell you that there is zero cost to start with lots of hidden charges over time. Take a close look before you commit — the right mPOS partner will be fairly priced with no surprises.         

What Is Slice Register? 

Slice Register is the only mPOS system made exclusively for independent pizzerias. The leading pizza app tapped InStore’s industry-leading technology to give local shops the easy payment processing, customer management, and specialized tools they need to thrive. Slice Register is a good choice for restaurant owners who want to:

Take Orders On-The-Go

  • Don’t work harder. Work smarter. View, track, and receive orders from home or on the road with Slice Register.   

Easily Integrate with The Go-To Pizza App

  • No muss, no fuss. You’ll have Slice Ordering from Day 1. That includes food ordering from your site, Google, Instagram,, and the all-new Slice App. 
  • Slice sends you one consolidated payout for all types of orders. 

Quickly Update Menus and Adjust Orders 

  • Push today’s special with one quick press of your iPad. 
  • Handling high-volume shifts? This mPOS is here to help and catch every order.

Reduce Overhead 

  • Some companies charge crazy credit card processing fees. On the other hand, Slice Register comes with Slice Payments for low-cost, low-stress management.
  • Slice Register does the work of multiple part-timers to cut down on your hourly payroll.       

Know Exactly What Your Customers Want 

  • Slice’s mobile-friendly dashboard shows you exactly what your customers want. Now, you can sell them more of what they love.   
  • Turn hungry new customers into lifelong VIPs with Slice-funded promo codes. 
  • Create unique codes for fresh faces and regulars alike.
  • Too busy to babysit? You’re in good hands. Slice’s text and email notifications are automatic and customized to each individual customer.

Get Tech and Sales Support, Anytime  

  • We’re the top-rated customer service team for pizzeria owners. We’re here for you 24/7. 

Let’s Get Started

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