Must Try Pizza Toppings of 2019

Pizza is a worldwide classic, a staple of delicious cuisine. But sometimes, we want to change up our delivery orders or try something more gourmet. We present to you the pizza topping trends of 2019. Try something new and have an extraordinary pizza experience.

Fancy Vegetarian Options: Vegetarians love pizza, too! Explore the world of exotic veggie pizza toppings, even if you’re a meat eater. Eggplant is a fun and fresh choice. Arugula provides more zip and interest than spinach. Brussels sprouts, the trendy vegetable du jour for almost ten years now, add a nice crunch. Basically, what we’re saying is, in 2019, you can have the fancy salad of your dreams on top of your pizza. You can probably even get it delivered.

Beyond Pineapple: Pineapple isn’t the only fruit that makes a great pizza topping. In 2019, why not expand your horizons and try other sweet toppings. Peaches make for a refreshing, summery pizza when in season. Try them with gooey burrata for a decadent pie. In continuing with the fruit and cheese theme, why not top your pizza with apples and cheddar. One of the classic unorthodox combinations (we know that’s an oxymoron), apples and cheddar true your Italian pizza into an all-American treat. Or, you can double down on the taste of Italy by trying figs and ricotta to top your pizza.

CBD-infused toppings: It’s a brave new world out there, and seemingly everyone wants to get in on the CBD craze. Need to relax? Several pizzerias are now offering CBD infused pizzas and toppings. Check to see if one near you is offering this extremely 2019 topping.

Bread on bread – pasta pizzas: First, there was macaroni and cheese pizza. Now, pizzerias are experimenting with other kinds of pasta as toppings. Try a hearty slice of carbonara pizza, or plop leftover pasta on top of pizza for a double-decker feast.

Spicy pizza: Recently, foods like Nashville hot chicken and peri peri sauce have gained popularity. Interest in spicy foods has increased every year for the past ten years. Why not spice up your life and your pizza by thinking outside the jalapeno? In 2019, try heating things up with sriracha or a few drops of your favorite hot sauce.

— Alyssa Morris

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