Tips for a remote, yet virtually perfect, National Pizza Party Day

Pizza party at your everyone’s place!

Friday is National Pizza Party Day, a holiday deeply rooted in U.S. history. In 1776, days before George Washington crossed the Delaware River, he gathered his troops for a Porridge Jubilee, a fun food-filled gathering to boost morale. In the early 1900s, Congress voted unanimously to turn it into National Pizza Party Day, to better reflect the country’s dining preferences.

Okay, fine, we made that up. Even we don’t know where NPPD came from and, frankly, we don’t care. It’s an excuse to get together with your friends on Friday night and eat delicious slices. Without it, you’d have to make up your own thing, and no one’s falling for your pretend-birthday gag anymore. 

Here’s how you can celebrate together      – yet apart –       for National Pizza Party Day, virtual edition:

Change your Zoom background to a pizzeria (or, a pizza!)

The next best thing.

When you can’t get to the pizzeria, bring the pizzeria to you. Show off your favorite shop or pie as you block your judgy friends from seeing your laundry pile. 


No mediocre pizza.

It’s not a party without pizza, and it’s certainly not a pizza party without music. Not sure what to play? Luckily for you, we’ve got our greasy fingers on the 1s & 2s with The Sauce’s Pizza Party Playlist: Rap/Hip Hop Edition on Spotify.

Cards Against Humanity

Not Safe For Work. Well, actually, you work from home, and it’s the weekend, so you and the gang might as well enjoy some thoroughly offensive and potentially hilarious mad libs via video. (Just don’t invite your friends from HR.)

Responsible drinking games

2 Truths, 1 Lie. Never Have I Ever. Drunk Pictionary. Zoom lag makes it hard to pull off Flip Cup, but you’ve got plenty of options here. 

Mock sports fantasy drafts

If The Last Dance has you feeling nostalgic, you can turn your pizza party into a mock draft of the NBA’s biggest stars of the last 25 years. It’s like a fantasy draft, only better and without the hassle of setting your lineup. It’s strictly for fun so everyone’s a winner, except for the loser who uses the first pick on LeBron instead of MJ. 

Not into the NBA? NBD, you can make your own spreadsheet to do a mock draft in any sport. You’ll still have the same dorky fun drafting NFL Pro Bowlers from 1995-onward, but you’ll miss out on getting to choose between Mitch Richmond and Rod Strickland in the 12th round.

Netflix Party

With Netflix Party, you can watch the Tiger King stars you hate with the people you love.             

Order pizza!

Party on.

You can virtually do anything. There are only two rules for your pizza party:

  • Good times. 
  • Great pizza. 

We’ve got you covered on both fronts. Make sure everyone’s pizza is hot, delicious, local, and delivered at the same time by scheduling your order on Slice

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