Join P.I.E Society, Get Paid To Eat Pizza

If you’re the biggest 🍕 lover around, then it’s time to make it official. Slice’s P.I.E. Society of America is seeking 50 pizza lovers to represent every U.S. state. And, when you’re appointed as a Resident Head of Pizza, we’ll pay you to eat pizza.

Think you have what it takes to join P.I.E Society? Here’s how to apply for this role of a lifetime.  

P.I.E. Society Resident Head of Pizza

P.I.E. Society Requirements:

  • It was love at first bite and you’ve never looked back
  • You don’t discriminate — you love pizzas of all sizes, shapes, and backgrounds!
  • You want to shout about your love of pizza from the rooftops
  • Maybe you were guest of honor at your delivery guy’s wedding
  • Like P.I.E., you stand for the Promotion of Independents Everywhere
  • You have a passion for storytelling and/or creating content + you want to champion the stories of independent pizza owners and help local thrive

P.I.E Society Responsibilities:

  • Eat pizza
  • Visit and/or order from new pizza shops every week 
  • Capture content that shares the unique story behind the pizza
  • Evangelize your state’s best pizzerias


  • Minimum of 10 years’ experience eating pizza
  • Self-starter: Must possess the ability to proactively order pizza via Slice and or in-store
  • Knowledge, to the half second, of how to microwave leftover pizza to perfection
  • Understands which pizzas should be blotted or left alone
  • If you’re not eating pizza right now, you’re definitely thinking about it.


  • A year’s supply of free pizza
  • A P.I.E Society content creation kit to document your pizza journey
  • A $500 travel stipend so you can try new pizzerias in your state
  • A whole slew of Slice gear to show your pizza pride
  • Exclusive deals and discounts for you and your community
  • Access to an invite-only community that gives them a first look at new features, Slice specials, and more

As an equal opportunity employer, we do not discriminate against any applicant based on their love of pineapple pizza! 

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