MAKE by Slice: How Technology Fuels Independent Pizzerias

Local pizzerias account for 75% of the booming pizza industry. Meanwhile, major chains like Domino’s are in the lead when it comes to online ordering. The solution? Specialized technology to level the playing field for independent pizzerias.

At MAKE by Slice, Founder/CEO Ilir Sela introduced a host of brand new tools to drive orders, loyalty, and awareness for shops like yours:    

Technology Keeps Local Thriving

“You got into the business because you want to support your family and you’re passionate about the craft. You want to earn a living. You want to control your own destiny, but you didn’t get into business because you’re an accountant, marketer, or technologist.” — Slice CEO Ilir Sela

Before Ilir founded Slice, independent shops had little in the way of technological savvy. Obviously, they had the superior product, but most owners didn’t know how to approach the digital age. Besides, the pizza biz left little time for building websites, managing SEO, and crafting an effective marketing strategy.

Having grown up in the pizza biz, Ilir refused to let the “little guys” get crushed by the conglomerates. With Slice, he gave owners the tools and technology they needed to thrive. 

Much has changed over the last ten years, but Ilir’s commitment to independent pizza has only grown stronger. Now, with Slice Register and Slice Rewards, we’re giving shops even more ways to grow the pie.

What is Slice Register?

“We know how busy it can get on a Friday night, so Slice Register keeps all of your online, in-person, and phone orders in one place. Furthermore, it streamlines your operation so that you can work smarter, engage your customers, and boost profits.” — Slice CEO Ilir Sela

Slice Register is the mobile POS (Point Of Sale) that will transform your pizzeria. By and large, most POS systems are tailored to large-scale retailers and banks. In other words, there’s never been POS software designed specifically for your needs — until now. 

Whether you’re behind the counter or on the road, Slice Register enables you to manage every aspect of your business. Unlike those other POS systems, it comes with zero hassles, headaches, or crazy fees. But, that’s not all. Slice Register also puts all of our loyalty marketing tools at your fingertips, including our brand new loyalty program. 

What are Pizza Points?

“I watched [the big chains] roll out national and omni-channel rewards programs. Ultimately, that led to Domino’s franchisees managing over $1M dollars per year in volume. When I looked at small businesses and independents, I said, ‘Why shouldn’t these owners and operators have the same technology? Why shouldn’t they have the same systems?’” — Slice CEO Ilir Sela

Backed by over 18,000 local shops, this rewards program is the country’s first customer loyalty program for independent pizza.

When your customers collect eight Pizza Points, they’ll score a free pie. Meanwhile, shop owners like you will rack up even more orders and reorders. Similar to Starbucks and Dunkin’, Slice Rewards empowers you to bring ~80% of your customers back for repeat business

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