Craving pizza in Buffalo? These shops are open for delivery and pickup.

According to our unscientific research, ‘roni cups are the fourth most popular food trend on Instagram, behind only drool-worthy cheese pulls, $18 plates of avocado toast, and unicorn-colored nonsense.

You can thank New York and L.A. for those last two. For curled pepperoni with perfectly crisped edges and basins of paprika-laced oil, credit goes to Buffalo.

For a long time, outsiders knew little about Western New York’s food scene beyond wings. Now, the word is out. Buffalo boasts some of America’s finest food, including (but not limited to) beef on weck and its own unique take on pizza.

Craving pizza? Good news: These hard-working shops are still offering contact-free delivery and pickup in Buffalo:

La Nova Pizzeria

Since 1957, La Nova has served up some of Western New York’s favorite pies, topped generously with lots and lots of cheese. Meanwhile, they’re equally famous for their BBQ wings. They’re distributed to restaurants, and caterers all across the country, but you can get them fresh and straight from the source with La Nova’s Amherst and Buffalo outposts.

Jay’s Artisan Pizzeria

Beets, feta, speck, and nduja are just some of the toppings that you might find listed on Jay’s chalkboard menu. Their NEO-politan pies are decidedly different from the usual, still available via curbside pickup, and, frankly, worth the wait.

Zetti’s Pizza & Pasta 

Zetti’s Buffalo chicken pie is a popular pick but every thin-crust offering – with cheese spanning every morsel up right up to the cornicione – is worthy of your attention. For those colder Buffalo days, they’ve got bone-warming Italian soups, too; a take on Bologna’s famed tortellini en brodo and egg-drop-swirled stracciatella, just to name a couple. 

Imperial Pizza 

This pizzeria lives up to its name with majestic jumbo slices that cannot be contained by a pedestrian 9-inch paper plate. A great value, for sure, but you’ll want the full pies. Their specialties include a sauerkraut-slathered Reuben pizza and The Stinger, a buffalo chicken pie made meatier by way of chopped steak.

Good Guys Pizza 

The white chef hats at Good Guys do it all. Absurdly cheesy pizzas outlined by a thick golden-brown crust? Yup. Juicy chicken fingers as starters that can, and should, double as your topping? Yeah. Sandwiches piled high with salami, capicola, and all the fixins? You get the idea. 

Ferro’s Famous NY Pizza 

In West Seneca, Ferro’s stays true to the formula for New York-style pizza, though theirs is cheesier than what you’d find in the five boroughs. That’s a good thing. Ferro’s may be famous for the thin-crust, but they also offer a strong rendition of NYC’s second-favorite slice with a solid Sicilian square.

Mustachio’s Pizzeria

Some of the tastiest and cheesiest pizza in Buffalo can be right under your nose with just a couple of taps. Give ’em a twirl with classic cup-and-char or the stuffed hot pepper pizza, topped with homemade cheese-filled banana peppers and mountains of meat.

Bocce Club Pizza

Since rolling into Buffalo in 1946, Bocce Club has built a reputation that spans beyond WNY. With intentionally charred edges that could never hope to keep its ample toppings on board, these pizzas continue to be among the most popular in Buffalo.  

Romeo & Juliet’s Cafe 

The personal pies – made to order with a cornucopia of fresh veggie options – are thin, light, and airy. If we had to guess, we’d say that’s by design, because you’ll want to leave room for baked strawberry-stuffed brie, prosciutto & soppressata paninis, and a diner-sized dessert counter full of homemade cannolis, bavarian cream puffs, and more.   

Lombardough’s Pizza & Pasta 

Never stingy with the toppings, Lombardough’s 18-inch pizzas are perfect for Bills gameday. And the offseason. And weeknights, too. Among their most popular pies – their Taco Pizza (adorned with your choice of mild, medium, or hot sauce) and the Joey The Hit Man Pizza, topped with sausage, salami, coppa, onions, green peppers, and multiple cheeses, for good measure. 

The “Keep it Cheesy” mural was painted by Buffalo artist and food enthusiast Elyssa Harper (@fivefootharp on Instagram).

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