Pizza Toppings For Picky Eaters

The world of pizza is truly infinite – there are a zillion options out there for adventurous eaters and creative chefs are coming up with inventive pizza topping combinations every day.

It’s a marvelous thing, but what about the picky eaters out there?

Whether you’re ordering pizza for fussy kids or selective adults, these are the tried-and-true toppings that never fail:


Pepperoni Pizza
‘Roni for everyone

No matter how creative the pizza world gets with its toppings, nothing will ever topple pepperoni as America’s all-time favorite.

It’s hard to beat the mouthwatering aroma of a pepperoni pizza, owing to its luscious rendered fat and pepper-powered spice blend. Even if you’re a picky eater, we’re willing to wager that you won’t be picking pepperoni off of your slice.

Fresh Tomato

Fresh Tomato Pizza
Who says no to this?

It’s simple – if you’re a picky eater that loves pizza, then you’re already down to eat some tomatoes. 

Fresh tomato pies are a phenomenal choice in the summertime, during the peak season of the vegetable/fruit. But, thanks to the miracle of hothouse gardening, pizzas topped with fresh tomatoes are there for you, any time of year.

Oh, and if you’re in New Jersey or the Philadelphia area, be sure to try a Trenton Tomato Pie. You can thank us later.


No explanation necessary.


Pizza with Cheese and Chicken

Most pizza toppings are, by design, bold in flavor. Chicken, however, is something of a blank canvas.

Plain grilled chicken strips provide a nice protein boost to a pizza while adding in nutritious protein. Meanwhile, fried chicken is a fave for just about everyone – including picky eaters.

Extra Cheese

Is this cheating? Maybe, but extra cheese is in fact a pizza topping and it’s undoubtedly a winner for even the pickiest of the picky eaters out there.

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