How to Research Restaurant POS Systems

Introduction and Summary 

So, you’ve decided to invest in a POS (Point Of Sale) system. Even if you’re well-versed in technology, there’s a lot to consider. For that reason, the restaurant POS research process can be overwhelming. The first thing to remember is that every small business owner has been in your shoes. Secondly — don’t worry. We’ve got you covered. 

Once we break it all down, you’ll be ready to pick your new POS system.   

  • The Meaning of POS 
  • How Do I Research Restaurant POS Systems?
  • Is Slice Register The Best Restaurant POS? 

The Meaning of POS

POS stands for Point Of Sale. Obviously, that includes the register at the counter or the checkout lane at the supermarket. But, they also do much more.  These days, POS systems handle just about everything for restaurants, except for cooking and cleaning.  

You’re doing your research on restaurant POS systems. Sooner or later, you’ll come across mPOS (Mobile Point Of Sale) vendors. Without a doubt, mPOS systems are much better for restaurant owners than regular POS.   

What’s the Difference Between POS and mPOS for Restaurants?

To put it another way, standard POS terminals are like ATM machines. Meanwhile, mPOS systems are analogous to banking from home. An mPOS system works wirelessly. They allow you to manage your business from anywhere, so long as you have internet access. 

Mobile POS systems are made to work with touchscreen devices, tablets, or smartphones. Whether you are out of town or relaxing after a long day, you can view all types of key metrics and adjust your business accordingly.       

How Do I Research Restaurant POS Systems?   

As shown above, you should prioritize mPOS companies over the archaic POS vendors. After that, you can narrow down your research with restaurant POS systems that:

Fit Your Budget

In truth, this one is obvious. However, the cost of each system always seems reasonable at first glance. Look for POS vendors that lay out the total costs in plain English. Before you make your investment, you must research the up-front costs and the company’s credit card processing fee. Also, make sure you’re not paying any hidden monthly fees. Over time, they’ll add up and eat into your bottom line. 

Make Life Easier

Clearly, that’s the main goal of a POS. Nonetheless, they’re not always intuitive. Ever buy a fancy new big screen TV, only to find that the remote has 100 indistinguishable buttons? In similar fashion, many restaurant owners have been stuck with a bad POS that is difficult to use. The right POS for your restaurant will make every action and transaction simple.  

Improve Customer Engagement

As a small business owner, you wear many hats. But, there are only so many hours in the day. Without a doubt, you already know the importance of customer engagement in the food service industry. In spite of that, it’s hard to keep up with every situation that might need your attention. Good news: With a bit of restaurant POS research, you can find a system that automatically interacts with first-time customers and long-time fans. Whether you want to send a promo code or send a general reminder to re-order, you can count on a good POS system to take care of it all.  

Integrate with Online Ordering

All things considered, this might be the most crucial part of your restaurant POS research. Digital delivery and pickup orders are a massive part of your business. But, if your terminal doesn’t link up with your app, you’ll lose out on lots of short-term and long-term sales. Third-party POS vendors usually aren’t designed for easy integration, so you’ll ideally want your point of sale software to come directly from your preferred partner

Process Mobile Payments

Generation X stopped using cash in favor of credit cards. These days, Gen Z diners prefer to pay with a tap of their phone rather than using plastic. Any restaurant POS that can’t accept mobile payments isn’t worth your time.

Is Slice Register The Best Restaurant POS? 

When you research restaurant POS systems, you’ll find that most are actually geared towards retail stores. Meanwhile, Slice Register is made exclusively for pizzerias. 

Slice Register is backed by over ten years of independent expertise combined with InStore’s industry-leading technology. In other words, the No. 1 app for independent pizza has tailored the best in business solutions for shop owners like you.

If your restaurant POS research led you here, then you’ve found the only system that will deliver on all of the points above with unrivaled technical support. Got questions at 9pm on a Friday night? The Slice Register team is standing by, so you can get help from a real live person whenever you need it.

You’ve done your research. Now, it’s time to make your pizzeria better than ever with Slice Register.

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