What is a Restaurant POS System?

Introduction and Summary 

It’s important to choose the best POS (Point Of Sale) system for your restaurant. However, they all start to sound the same after a while. Obviously, it’s a big decision, because the wrong POS can leave you with headaches and significantly higher costs. Above all, you want a POS system that will save you time and boost your bottom line.    

So, today, we’ll explore:

  • What Is The Meaning of POS?
  • What Is a Restaurant POS System?
  • How Do I Choose a Restaurant POS System?
  • What Is Slice Register

What Is The Meaning of POS?

POS technically stands for “point of sale,” the literal place where a transaction is completed. However, it’s so much more than just a cash register in 2021. Small businesses like restaurants rely on their POS to:

  • Process all types of payments: The right POS will process cash, credit card, and mobile payments. 
  • Take payments from anywhere: Receive all of your dine-in and online orders in one place.
  • Improve customer service: Faster transactions mean quicker service. That’s important for any business, but it’s especially vital in the restaurant industry.
  • Ensure accurate ordering: No one wants to pick peppers off of their pizza. Instead, you’ll re-orders and long-term loyalty with reliable ordering and easy customization.     
  • Keep data secure: Old-school credit card readers are prone to hacks. POS systems keep credit card numbers, addresses, and other sensitive information safe. As a result, your POS system will cut down on costly chargebacks.
  • Stop employee theft: Stealing costs business owners $50 billion per year, as CNBC explains. POS systems can greatly reduce your risk because they record every transaction down to a penny.

And those are just the basics. Restaurant POS systems can do even more for your bottom line.  

What Is a Restaurant POS System?

Most POS software is one-size-fits-all.  However, every business has different needs. 

A business selling high-end luxury items might see 15-20 purchases per day. On the other hand, a busy night at a pizzeria can result in the same number of orders per hour. The best POS systems for restaurants will:

  • Track inventory in real time: No more guesswork or wasted trips to Restaurant Depot. You’ll be notified immediately when you’re running low on mozzarella sticks or San Marzano tomatoes. 
  • Optimize your menu:  Push your most profitable dishes and drop the slow-sellers. Get the actionable data you need to boost your bottom line.       
  • Drive customer loyalty: The right POS system will track each customer’s ordering history. Then, you can throw in a side of garlic knots for a regular or offer a promo code to a first-time customer. Keep them all coming back.
  • Create specials: Big game on Sunday? No more fumbling around. Bundle a large pie, wings, and soda fast to score more sales.
  • Cut down on costs: Saturday is your busiest night. But, do you know when the rush actually starts? A POS made for restaurants does. Now, you can schedule accordingly and reduce your hourly payroll.  
  • Make tax time easier: Crunchy crust is your specialty. Crunching numbers? Not so much. Your restaurant POS can keep tabs on every sale and easily sync with accounting software. That’ll save you tons of time in April.

How Do I Choose a Restaurant POS System?

Firstly, you should consider POS systems that are specifically designed for restaurants, rather than retail stores or banks. You should also make a quick list of your weak spots to find the software that will suit your biggest needs. 

Then, you can narrow it down even further. What type of restaurant do you own? Hint: The best POS for a steakhouse isn’t necessarily the best POS for a pizzeria. It’s important to choose a POS that can handle high order volume and constant modifications. But, above all, your POS must be your hub for every customer channel. From the front of the house to the phone to online, every transaction should filter through your restaurant POS.

What Is Slice Register? 

Slice Register is the first POS system built specifically for pizzerias. It’s fast and intuitive, just like shop owners. Now, you can easily track your performance, integrate with America’s No. 1 local pizza app, and drive more business than ever before.

Here’s just a taste of what Slice Register offers for your pizzeria:

Mobile Functionality 

Traditional POS terminals can only be accessed from the counter. But, you already work long hours as it is. Slice Register is a mobile point of sale (mPOS) system, so you can manage your business anywhere, anytime. 

Easy Menu Updates   

Create specials, update prices, and push your top items with just a quick tap. 

Slice Ordering

Take orders straight from your website, Google, Instagram, Facebook, and everyone’s favorite app for real, local pizza. Plus, Slice Ordering also houses all of your call-in and dine-in orders.  

Slice Payments   

Stop chasing DoorDash, Uber Eats, and the rest of the third-party aggregators for your hard-earned cash. Slice Register includes Slice Payments so you can get paid directly every day.     

Turnkey Marketing

Slice sends automatic reminders to your customers to drive reorders for your pizzeria. Meanwhile, Slice Register enables you to capture new customers with Slice-funded promo codes. 

Real Support

You won’t have headaches with Slice Register. But, you might have questions. We’re here to help. Need something? Call us anytime — day or night — to reach a real live person.   


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