What are Common Restaurant POS Features?

Introduction and Summary 

The restaurant business has changed dramatically over the years. These days, choosing the right POS (Point Of Sale) system is just as important as having the best oven or deep fryer.  So, what should you look for when shopping for your restaurant’s POS?  

Today, we’ll break down the common features of restaurant POS systems and explain what makes some different from others:   

  • What is a Restaurant POS?
  • What Are Common Restaurant POS Features?
  • What Are The Most Important Features to Look For in a Restaurant POS?
  • Which POS is Right For My Restaurant?

What is a Restaurant POS?

A restaurant POS system acts as the central hub for your entire business. That is to say, it puts cash sales, credit transactions, inventory management, and more, all in one place. 

What Are Common Restaurant POS Features?

No two restaurant POS systems are exactly alike. But, most will include these core features:

Payment Processing

A credit card reader is a must for any POS system. And, even though cash is gradually going the way of the dinosaur, most POS systems also include a till. There’s no reason to have two clunky devices for paper money and accepting charges. Rather than slowing down service, your POS can keep waits to a minimum and ensure happy customers.  

Inventory Management

You can’t make your signature Sunday gravy because you ran out of fresh garlic. It happens. Every restaurant owner has been there, but your POS can help you track inventory and re-stock before it’s too late. It’s a lifesaver, because no one has time to run between the FOH and BOH during a busy shift. 

Time Keeping

Long-time employees can be trusted to be honest about their hours. But, as a restaurant owner, you’ll always have new part-timers in the rotation. A restaurant POS keeps tabs on when staff members clock in and clock out. That means you won’t have to worry when it comes time to pay them on Friday.  

Online Ordering 

More than 45 million Americans used a food delivery app in 2020, up 25% from 2019. Then, it’s projected to jump another ~25% by 2023, even after the pandemic. Of course, almost every restaurant POS system is designed to take online orders. However, integrating with your digital partner can be complicated if you don’t choose the right restaurant POS. 

What Are The Most Important Features to Look For in a Restaurant POS?

Those aforementioned common features are just a taste of what your restaurant POS can do. With that in mind, your point of sale software should also:     

Work Fast

It sounds like a no-brainer. You want speedier service — that’s why you’re looking for a POS in the first place. In truth, most POS software is not designed to handle the high volume of sales at a restaurant. And, when it comes to order customization, many point of sale terminals will freeze up. The best POS systems are designed to handle anything and everything. Don’t settle for less.

Advanced Analytics

Generally, POS systems will show you how much you made on a given day. But, those numbers only tell you part of the story. Are you charging enough for your seafood dishes? Should you be staffing less people on Tuesday nights? The best restaurant POS systems will clearly display your strengths and weaknesses. That way, you can make your business better than ever. 

Drive Customer Loyalty

Like we said earlier, your POS isn’t just for payment processing. Find a POS system that will allow you to send coupon codes to VIPs and resolve issues with disgruntled customers. 

Make Integration Easy

Every third-party POS provider says their system will sync with any online ordering service. On the contrary, they tend to glitch. Recently, one restaurant owner told us that his POS wouldn’t mesh with his menu page after the first week. By that point, the company told him it was too late to get a refund. For that reason, it’s usually best to invest in a restaurant POS that comes directly from your online ordering partner.    

Offer 24/7 Tech Support 

Obviously, you’ll have questions as you get accustomed to your new point of sale software. And, in the food business, you can’t afford to lose out on business. Big-name brands usually have limited tech support hours. What about when you need help on a hectic Saturday night? This is a point that is often overlooked. Choose a POS system that will be with you every step of the way.   

Which POS is Right For My Restaurant?

To sum up, there’s only one clear choice for any restaurant serving pizza. Slice Register is the first and only POS system made specifically for independent shops. 

In addition to all of those features listed above, Slice Register is 100% mobile, completely customizable, and loaded with more marketing tools than we can even list here. Plus, it’s the only POS that keeps costs low, from start to finish.

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