The 5 Best Nonalcoholic Beverages To Drink With Pizza

Aside from selecting the toppings for your pizza, one of the more important choices you’ll make when ordering your pie is the drink with which you choose to guzzle your meal down.

If you tend to enjoy a nice glass of wine or pour of beer, then you’ll want to check out The Sauce’s blog posts on how to match varieties of those alcoholic beverages with your pies.  

But, if you don’t imbibe, then you’re going to want to keep reading.

To help you choose the right refreshments, we’ve compiled a list of virgin beverages you should consider sipping on when you order next pie. Here are five non-alcoholic drinks (other than water) that will round out your next meal of pizza:

1. Soda

It’s the signature pizza party beverage — and for good reason. Soda and pizza work together like cookies and milk. The sweetness of the soda pairs perfectly with the saltiness and cheesiness of your pizza, and the carbonation is an added perk, providing a pleasant fizziness to your drinking experience. The type of soda to pair with your pie is up to you because it’s hard to go wrong with any soft drink. If you’re seeking to relive the pizza parties of your youth, a classic dark cola or a lemon-lime soft drink —  like a Coke or Sprite — are signature beverages you should opt for to create that nostalgic experience. But varieties like Dr. Pepper, orange soda and root beer are all stellar options that will provide that punch of bubbling and sugary goodness that pairs so well with a steaming slice.

2. Sparkling Water

A great option for those who don’t love sugary drinks, sparkling water provides the refreshing bubbles of a soda without any of the sweetness. Sparkling water is a step up from flat water, with the carbonation elevating the drinking experience. Add a squeeze of lemon or lime into your glass for a truly crisp beverage.

3. Milk

Milk can be a controversial drink pairing with pizza, but it also has a loyal fan base who constantly sing its praises when its coupled up with a slice. Those who drink the dairy beverage alongside a slice adore its creamy, cool and soothing characteristics and hail the drink as being the perfect complement to the pizza’s heat and the acidity in the tomato sauce. The fattiness of the milk also helps cut the spiciness of the pie’s pepperoni or sausages toppings.

4. Lemonade

If carbonation doesn’t sit well with you — but you crave a sweet beverage to pair with your pizza — lemonade is a libation you should consider matching with your pie. Best if fresh-squeezed, this sour-but-sweet citrus beverage is exceedingly refreshing, and will help you wash down a piping hot slice, no problem.

5. Iced Tea

A nice chilled of iced tea can help quench your thirst on a sizzling day. It’s also the perfect companion to a meal of hot pizza. Iced tea is also customizable: you can sweeten the drink to your preference.

— Melanie Lawder

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