The best of The Sauce in 2019

Happy birthday to us! 

In our first full calendar year, we had the privilege of exploring pizza from every angle, triangle, and square. 

We gave you lots to digest, but, please, don’t get lost in The Sauce. In case you missed it, or just want to come back for seconds, here’s a look back at our favorite stories from 2019:

The Profiles

Scott Wiener can’t quit pizza

Scott Wiener Pizza Tours

Scott Wiener – the host of “Really Dough?” and founder of Scott’s Pizza Tours – knows everything about pizza, but he doesn’t know how to take a day off. While testing out a new recipe in his kitchen, Scott walked The Sauce through his improbable journey to pizza stardom, which included two separate stints at sea and enormous sacrifices.

The legend of Frank Pinello and Best Pizza

Frank Pinello Best Pizza

In between takes and transatlantic flights, VICE host Frank Pinello continues to work the kitchen at Best Pizza, his Brooklyn slice joint that truly lives up to its name. Earlier this year, Pinello told us that he’s grateful for the support of his friends, family, and valuable allies like Slice as he champions independent pizza:

“I’ve been really impressed by Slice. They’re really helping to move the needle towards mom-and-pop pizzerias and it’s a great thing. There are a lot of us who are really good in the kitchen but aren’t as good when it comes to marketing and showing the community what we do. Slice is one of those companies that can really help the little guys and give them a whole new stream of revenue.”

The making of a champion

Hakki Akdeniz Champion Pizza

Champion Pizza’s Hakki Akdeniz was once homeless on the streets. Now, he has seven shops, viral fame, and a mission to end homelessness for good.

Styles Spotlight

Trenton tomato pies vs. Philly tomato pies

Trenton Tomato Pie vs. Philly Pizza

Tomayto, tomahto? No way. Separated by a mere 30 miles, the Tomato Pies in Trenton haunts and Philly jaunts couldn’t be more different.

Chicago deep dish vs. Detroit-style pizza

Deep Dish Detroit Style Pizza

With a belly blitz of deliciousness, deep dish has reigned supreme as the Midwest’s signature pizza style. But, lately, Detroit-style has surged in the pizza standings. Here’s the skinny on these thick and magnificent pizzas.

St. Louis-style vs. Chicago tavern-style pizza

St. Louis-style and Tavern-style, in many respects, are two crispy pizzas in a pod. But, we assure you, and the rest of the universe, they are not one and the same.

Great Feats of Pizza

The Devour Ramen pizza

Overhead pic of The Devour Ramen Pizza by Tony Boloney's

Few would have the stomach to fuse pizza and ramen together, but Mike Hauke of Tony Boloney’s did just that. When we went behind the scenes to learn more about this wondrous marriage of hangover cures, we wondered – Is it still a pizza? 

“Everyone always asks that,” Hauke said, after a moment of reflection. “Yeah, it’s a [expletive deleted] pizza.”

The Cheeserweight

Ladies and gentlemen, are you ready to rumble with The Cheeserweight? This positively ginormous pie laced with pepperoni, mac & cheese, and garlic knots from NYC’s Champion Pizza confounds, astounds, and miraculously supports New York’s homeless all at once.

The Focaccia Di Recco

Focaccia di Recco Keste

“Keste’s Focaccia Di Recco emerges from the oven as a giant buttery disc that could double as a Flat Earther’s diorama of Mercury. It can feed up to seven people, but a determined table of four will make it disappear before your very eyes.”

Slice Life

Dollar Slice Night

Dollar Slice Night

In October, Slice rolled out the red carpet for Dollar Slice Night & helped raise $75,000 to feed the elderly.

MAKE by Slice

Slice founder Ilir Sela

One day. One stacked lineup. One mission: MAKE independent pizza stronger than ever.

Slice partners with Tony Boloney’s for Elf-inspired pizza

In December, Slice teamed up with Tony Boloney’s to create the North Pole Pizza, a pie with candy, candy canes, candy corns, and syrup that would make Buddy the Elf proud.

Best of the rest

Hey, Slice!

Hey Slice Pizza Advice

We make ordering as easy as pie, but, sometimes, eating pizza with friends and family results in some tough choices. Hey Slice delivers answers to your most pressing etiquette queries and concerns.

Should you buy these pizza video games?

Pizza Video Games

Should you spend your hard-earned cash – which can and should be used to order pizza – on pizza-themed video games? With help from Nick D’Amelio (Slice’s D’Irector of Pizza Research), we spent hours button-mashing and crust-crunching to find out.

The ultimate holiday gift guide for pizza lovers

Pizza Holiday Gift Guide

The holiday season might be over, but it’s never too late to get great gifts for the pizza lovers in your life.

Stop whatever you’re doing & watch Italians reacting to pineapple pizza

Pineapple Pizza

Pro tip: Keep the pineapple at home. When one brave man attempted to deliver Hawaiian pizzas to unsuspecting Italians, things got tense…and hilarious.

The many ways to blot your pizza

Pizza Grease Blot Napkin

Looking to dab? Which dab is right for you? Find out with our in-depth guide to pizza blotting.

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